Yo-shoku Bento Box


Yo-shoku is one of the well known Japanese cuisines. It has been strongly influenced by Western cuisine.

During the Meiji restoration (1858), many new types of cuisines were introduced with new methods of cooking such as grilling and deep-frying. Over time, these new methods were slowly absorbed into traditional Japanese cooking. That was how "Yo-shoku" started.

Gion-Kaiyoutei is one of the oldest "Yo-shoku" restaurants in Kyoto. Gion Kaiyoutei was originally established near the Yasaka Shrine in 1915 and moved to its present location in the Gion area about 50 years ago. The restaurant has been operated by the same family for three generations. Today, we strive to maintain the original recipes and flavors created by the founder of Gion-Kaiyoutei.

We hope you enjoy our traditional flavors.

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